Thursday, August 24, 2006

HEMS Fundraiser

I know both Mark Myers and Tom Reynolds have posted about the up and coming fundraiser for HEMS, but Elliot has also e-mailed me today and asked if I would also advertise it for him.

He writes:

"After a night out on the town and a few beers, myself and a colleague
from White Star Medical Ltd have agreed to have our chest, belly and
legs waxed in aid of London Air Ambulance (White Star Medical's charity
of the year).

This event is planned for 2nd October 2006 at The Blind Beggar public
house in Whitechapel by The Royal London Hospital where the London Air
Ambulance is based.

It costs £1,000 just for the London Air Ambulance to take off and save
lives! They take off 3 - 4 times a day and this financial year will need
£750,000 to cover rising costs of fuel, insurance and so on.

It's going to hurt, so help the pain with a donation!

*** If I make the target of £2,000 I will put a movie from the event on
the Internet for everyone to see ***"

I wish Elliot and his colleagues great success with their event, and I will be making a donation after pay day.

Good luck guys!


Anonymous Elliott Rodgers said...

Thanks Steve

I did email you before, but hotmail knackered your email.

Thanks for mentioning it.

5:03 pm  

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