Friday, October 07, 2005

Big White Taxi Service

The Big White Taxi Service is an unofficial website for Ambulance personnel from all sections of the ambulance service across the country. It's basically a virtual messroom, and allows us to vent off some of the frustrations that get built up for a variety of reasons.

Please feel free to visit the site, but please bear in mind that there is bad language on the site, particularly in the forum, so it's really only suitable for people aged 18+. You may find some comments offensive, and may be led to think that we are not very professional, but please remember this is where we vent off, instead of venting off at patients. It's our way of coping with some of the stresses of the job, and EVERY patient is always treated with the best care we can give.

It's also the place where many staff came together following the London bombings on 7th July.

This is an entry from the guy on the FRU (Fast Response Car) who was first on scene at the Aldgate bomb. Ironically, he hadn't even been given the job by Control - he came across it as a "Running Call" (where you get flagged down by someone).

Glossary to some terms he uses:

LFB - London Fire Brigade
LAS - London Ambulance Service
HEMS - Helicopter Emergency Medical Service (Operate under the control of the LAS)


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