Sunday, January 15, 2006

Dull Weekend

There’s not been much to write about from this weekend’s shifts. The only calls that I could possibly defend as being “genuine” jobs were a 2 year old boy with croup and a lady I went to that was categorised as an Amber 2, which is not classed as being life-threatening, which was a crew request for me to attend to assist them in getting the patient out of her 3rd floor flat into the ambulance using a carrying sheet because her blood pressure was so low that they thought she would go into cardiac arrest if they sat her up on the carry chair.

The funniest so far was a lady in her seventies who fell over and banged her head in the street. When I asked her why she’d fallen – had she tripped, or become dizzy, she said she fell over simply because she was drunk. At least she admitted it I suppose.

The biggest waste of time award so far has to go to the 62 year old lady who called us because she had a cold, a dry cough, a headache and felt sick. So she had ‘flu then.

There's always one with the "Oh God" factor, and that was to a drunken male who'd fallen over and banged his head. One of his mates has just finished his first year studying to be a dentist so declared himself "medically trained". These are the worst, because they insist they know more than you, when infact they know sod all about pre-hospital emergency care. Apparently he also annoyed the doctors in A&E because he took to questioning their assessment too, despite it matching mine and the crew's assessments.

Still, never mind. I’m sure there’s more to come tonight…


Anonymous Anonymous said...

I really enjoy your posting style, keep up the good work. I think too few many people post on your site.

11:07 pm  
Anonymous Mark Myers said...

You'd better get some better calls when you take me out observing, or I want a refund :)

2:12 am  
Blogger Steve said...

Sorry Mark, it was a non-returnable deposit, didn't I tell you? :)

You'd better take some good calls when I come and spend a shift with you!

5:54 am  

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