Tuesday, April 18, 2006

Oh for God's sake

I arrived at the scene of the RTC to see the motorcyclist laying on the ground smoking a cigarette.  He was surrounded by a pool of petrol.  Clever.

I got out the car, and a bystander greeted me with “You’re no fucking good, he needs an ambulance!”  Charming.  It was going to be one of those jobs.  “There’s an ambulance on the way,” I told him. I squatted next to the rider and asked him to give me his cigarette so I could put it out for him.

Bystander piped up again.  “He’s just had an accident – can’t you even let him finish his fucking cigarette?  Anyway, I told you he needs an ambulance you ignorant twat, you’re not going to get him in your fucking car are you?”  The phrase “Pot calling kettle” sprang to mind. He was beginning to seriously give me the arse.
“And I told you sir, that an ambulance is on the way.  In the meantime, I’m here to begin any emergency treatment that’s required, and smoking a cigarette when he’s surrounded by petrol is a fantastic idea don’t you think?”
“That’s a funny attitude to take….”

I was pleased the ambulance arrived shortly afterwards.


Blogger CD said...


Gotta love helpful bystanders.

12:43 pm  
Blogger Rosey said...

Well done for not losing your temper. I am not sure if I would stay as polite!

1:00 pm  
Anonymous Jo said...

First thing I remember being taught at SJA - no food, no drink, no smoking, if you're treating for shock.

2:26 pm  
Blogger Bob said...

Please tell me the arriving ambulance ran over the obnoxious bystander... Hey, I'm not in the medical field - it's OK for me to wish bad things for total dorks! (And for any humor-impaird readers, I'M KIDDING!)

3:39 pm  
Anonymous rudestlink said...

There is never a huge pair of coppers about when you need them

10:09 pm  
Blogger Spike said...

What Bob and Rudest said.

3:11 am  
Blogger rob said...

There must be a factory somewhere producing clowns like this. We get them here in oz in plague proportions too :)

1:34 pm  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

You did very well to remain composed; I'd have given him two words, the second being off.

Great blog btw,


1:17 am  
Blogger Doobles said...

Nice one for keeping your cool. Don't know if I could have done the same in that situation.

Love the blog


11:32 pm  
Blogger Steve said...

My wife is from Louisiana, and theyve got a saying there; "Some people just dont know how to do".
Sounds like y'all have that problem too.

What boggles my mind are the yay-hoos who wont get out of your way, despite the ear shattering air horn,screeching siren and cluster of a thousand flashing lights on your rig. I dont know why they all think they dont have to get out of your way, or think they can outrun you. It's just unreal. Nice blog btw, hope you dont mind that I linked you.

4:43 pm  
Anonymous barefootruby said...

I'd have decked him

10:19 am  

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