Friday, February 10, 2006

Weekend Away

I’m going away again this weekend – this time to Bournemouth, to the Star Fleet Ball.  This is the fault of my last crewmate.  He’s been several times before and has persuaded me to go this time.

I’m a little concerned I’m going to be surrounded by geeks dressed as Star Trek characters talking about things like “In episode 12, time stamp 14 minutes and 32 seconds…blah blah blah.”

Still, the other side of it is I’ve never been to Bournemouth before, so if it gets too geeky then I can always go and have a look round the town, there’s the beer aspect of it – I haven’t had a good piss up in ages, and on Saturday night there’s what they call a “banquet” which is a black tie affair with cabaret etc.  At least I’ll get to spend the evening without the fear of having to look at Star Trek characters.

Next week, I get to go and listen to Mark from Neenaw take some 999 calls, and it’ll be my turn to write up about his job.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Will you be posting any Captains logs? ;-)
Better swot up on your Klingon as well!

SWbod x

1:01 pm  

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