Friday, June 16, 2006

Night Shift part 1

It's been a busy night so far - I was planning to do a multi-post tonight, but this is the first chance I've had to get near the computer. It's fairly easy to see the effect of the football match on the number of calls. Until the end of the match, the number of calls was ticking along at an average rate.

At the stroke of midnight, our Emergency Operations Centre had taken nearly 4,200 calls - a good 700 more than the average.

My first call was to a stabbing. After donning stab-vest, I made my way to the call, but held off round the corner as it was unclear where the assailant was and the police had nobody to send. I was just about to ask control to ask the police for an ETA when they rang me to tell me the police had updated them that it was a hoax call.

I then went to a bloke who'd fallen off one of those motorised scooters apparently called a "Goped", after losing control on a corner and hitting a parked car. He had a minor knee injury, and as it was what's known as a personal injury RTC, the police attended. Shame the bloke reeked of booze and admitted to having sunk 5 beers. Hope he doesn't have a driving licence - if he did, he doesn't now!

Then it was to a ?stroke. 65 year old man who seemed to fully enjoy the attention he was receiving, and although saying he had lost all movement in his left arm was able to stick his finger out so I could put a probe on his finger and take his blood sugar reading.

Then a woman with "difficulty in breathing". The only difficulty with her breathing was knowing when to stop talking to take a breath in!

And I've just been to a bloke who was assaulted four days ago and now has "pain all over". I'm sure he has, but telling us to "shove your pain-killers up your arse" is not going to help relieve the pain. We eventually got him into the ambulance. It wouldn't surprise me if he self-discharges before being seen.

I'm sure there'll be more - I'll try to update during the night.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Now i know who you are as we were on that same job, the tosser with pain who wouldnt get up...... So Hi! (i was driving that night)
Our paths dont cross that much but keep safe out there xx

12:42 pm  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

oops sorry, just reading back yr ona truck now? ignore me then! i'll never make detective!

12:44 pm  

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