Tuesday, January 09, 2007

Why Blog?

A colleague has asked the following question:

"having been a paramedic for over 30 years i would ask why you need to publish things like this on the web?there is so many people putting stuff like this on here and writing books on the subject it becomes boring.the job has and always will be something we do not for praise but because we want to help people and as such should be kept within the confines of the service.i notice your a member of st.johns in which case this type of thing is best suited to telling your mates there and not on here."

To be fair, it's a question I've thought about since I first started this blog. At first, it just seemed like a good idea, but as time's gone on, I realise that I do it as a release for frustrations.

Someone has said to my face that I come across as "old hand who doesn't give a toss, which I personally know to be a false image". I probably do in some posts, but those that know me will know that I take my time and treat everyone in the same professional manner. Even if inside I do feel that they're wasting my time.

I certainly don't do it for praise - if I wanted praise, I'd hand out cards for thank you letters from the patients and/or relatives (I know some people do - that is just sad!).

If in the process of writing this blog it helps to go some way to educating those that call us unnecessarily for stubbed toes and back ache for 3 months, then why not?

Since the recent newspaper reports about our rest breaks, people in the service have been saying the public simply don't understand what the job is like, so why not use sites like this to tell people what the job is like - coming in at the start of shift, going straight out, being hammered all day running round after people who for the most part could use common sense and see their GP, get a taxi/friend to take them to hospital instead of calling us and coming back usually after the end of the shift?

If people find it boring, then simply go and read something else :)

If you think I'm a sad bastard for doing this, oh well never mind. I've been called worse by drunks and drug addicts.

As for being a St John member, that is something I'm currently seriously reconsidering, as at the moment I'm finding it more trouble than it's worth.....and I don't mean from pressure or p*ss taking from service colleagues.


Anonymous carmelo said...

Well said.

5:37 pm  
Anonymous Dean said...

What is it about SJA that bugs you so? I ask 'cos I'm an active volunteer in Canada...

6:42 pm  
Blogger Steve said...

It's the red tape mate.

Just one example - EMTs and Paramedics are supposed to be given drugs kits when they go on duty (a national policy), but I've yet to be issued a pack, despite requesting one every time I go on duty.

I'm leaving myself wide open for a roasting by a coroner for not using skills I'm trained to use while on duty with SJA simply because the organisation can't get it's act together.

And that's just one thing.....

8:10 pm  
Anonymous tragerstreit said...

For what it's worth, I'm an American girl - not even an ambulance worker, a pastry chef of all things - and I utterly LOVE your blog. It's fascinating, it's well written, and I've never thought of you as a cynic or a mean person. You come across as compassionate and occasionally exasperated, but never hateful or condescending. You provide me with a clear glimpse into a completely different lifestyle than my own, and it's intriguing.

So I'm GLAD that you write this.

11:12 pm  
Blogger ZebedeeZBD said...

If your colleague doesn't believe the public want to read blogs like yours, he should ask himself why Tom Reynolds' ambulance blog spinoff book is currently in the Top 100 best sellers on Amazon.

1:02 am  
Blogger Geoff said...

Whatever your motivation please keep it up. I find "employee" blogs a fascinating and really effective way of looking into other peoples lives.

12:53 pm  
Blogger Iain MacBain - or maybe not!!?? said...

I recently started a blog of my own for the reason of letting of steam. I'm aware that some of the things I say are un-pc and sometimes close to, or past, what would be considered correct.

It's for me though and like you the people that know me realise that I'm not the homicidal maniac that I can come across as.

Keep it up. I'm starting a campain to make the reading of blogs such as yours compulsory for schoolkids and for those in custody. It's got to worth a try and yours should be one.

11:11 pm  
Anonymous AndrewM said...

What tragerstreit said. Keep going.

11:38 am  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I enjoy reading your blog, so if it works for you and it works for me what more reason could you need? ;)

8:18 pm  
Blogger Jon Delaunt said...

I read your blog regularly, and I blog myself, both personal life and work life. I'm a private ambo bod and a johnny, so I'm in for double bubble, but I seriously understand where you're coming from with SJA. They are a bit of a bleedin' liability when it comes to our HCPs. Feel free to get in touch!

9:34 pm  
Anonymous kingmagic said...

Steve...keep on blogging.

I started out after reading "Da Book" and am enjoying it.

What I like about it is that its mine, my views, my thoughts, my reflections on the job we do.

And you are right..it does relieve the frustrations a little bit.

All the very best...kingmagic

7:10 pm  
Blogger David said...

Pity to hear you're considering jacking in the SJA stuff. As a lay member I can see exactly why HCP's find the organisation so frustrating - more often than not it seems decisions are based on tradition rather than effectiveness.
I wonder how the new corporate identity will be received by those who've had been in St. John since the cold war.
Try to stick with it - goodness knows the organisation needs more professionals.

11:02 am  
Blogger Lola Cherry Cola said...

Know the feeling with SJA. Total and utter beaurocrasy and very little communication at times which winds me up. I can see why a lot of people pack it in. I stick with it for the social aspect, I've met most of my best friends through the organisation, and also it's helping me to become a first aid trainer, which is nothing to sneer at I suppose, heh.

Keep up the blog anyhow, as it's a good read. I know there are a lot of blogs on the subject but everyone gives a different aspect or viewpoint which is definitely worthwhile.

10:16 pm  

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