Sunday, December 24, 2006

Plymouth to Dakar - In An Ambulance

Mark Whitfield, an EMT at the ambulance station I normally work at is taking an ex training vehicle over to Dakar, the capital of Senegal in Africa. It's one of the old LDV ambulances, which has a V8 engine. He is travelling with his partner, Viv and a friend, Jules.

Part of the journey will take them across the Sahara Desert, which they think will take three days. Once they arrive in Dakar, they are going to donate the ambulance to the main hospital there. Apparently Dakar has just two ambulances for about 1 million people, and our old P reg ambulance will be the newest vehicle they've got.

They arrived in France yesterday, and plan to spend Christmas Day in Paris, before continuing their epic journey.

They're keeping a blog of their journey, which you can find by clicking here. Any donations would be gratefully received.

Good luck guys.


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