Monday, October 31, 2005

Home again

Just arrived home after my hols, which were very nice, and thank you to those who wished me a good break.

just time to go to bed before getting up at 5 am for an overtime shift on an FRU. Why did I agree to this the day after returning home? I must be mad!


Anonymous Jennie said...

Because you're very dedicated to your job!! (and possibly a bit foolish?).

9:32 am  
Anonymous Jennie said...

Oh, and welcome back (where are my manners?)

9:56 am  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I would have done that for a day on the FRU! Hope you enjoyed! Do you have to undertake any further response driving courses to drive the car?

9:57 am  
Blogger Steve said...

Not a course, no. Our three week driving course is deemed to be quite sufficient, but you do have to go out on a "familiarisation" shift with someone who's been on the car for a while to help you recognise the different driving technique involved.

Jennie - actually I think it could be to do with having spent far too much money while on holiday! Oh, and your manners are impeccable :)

11:01 pm  
Anonymous Jennie said...

I know all about that, although I don't have to go on holiday to spend far too much money!!!

8:52 am  
Anonymous Anonymous said...


2:01 am  

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