Monday, January 16, 2006


I don't believe it! Some bugger's run into the back of the FRU while I was on station. I'd left it parked just outside the gates, and when I went out to do a job, I found the lens from the left hand back light in pieces on the floor, but no other damage to the car.

Whether someone's come round the corner too wide and hit it, or whether some vandal has broken it I don't know. With the wonders of surgical tape, it's now artistically taped up into place as best as possible to see me through the rest of the night until it can be seen by the fitters in the morning.

That's something that's always puzzled me - we run a 24 hour service, but the fitters only work during the day, so if something breaks at night, then you've had it.

There's no spare cars either, so I'll just have to hope my handywork holds. It was a bit of a jigsaw.

Mind the bumps!


Anonymous Chip Norris Jnr said...

I'm man i'm sorry to hear about your cracked taillight. Over here my buddy rolled our EMS truck last night but thank the lord everyone was ok. That'll teach him for eating pretzels whilst driving.

By the way what are 'fitters'?

4:35 am  
Blogger Steve said...

"fitters" is the name often given to fleet engineers/mechanics by UK firms.

Please everyone was ok from the rollover.

5:51 am  
Anonymous Jennie said...

Steve - How often to ambulances role over in this country?

11:53 am  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Bloody hell! Even if it was an accident, out of respect, you'd leave a note to say what had happened. And its not exactly hard to find out who owns the vehicle :D

If the vehicle was considered off road, and they really needed you on shift, would they send you out single manned in a Merc?!

Jennie - i remember seeing articles recently about rollover's in Hampshire, Dorset to name a few.

3:35 pm  
Anonymous Anonymous said...


3:52 pm  
Blogger MuppetLord said...

*raises eyebrow*

Anyhow, did the tape hold?

5:45 pm  
Blogger Steve said...

Yeah it held - as far as I know, it held for the next guy on the car until the fitters managed to get a new lens.

6:42 pm  

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