Friday, June 16, 2006

Night Shift part 2

Two more jobs - a search for a non-existant male passed out near an underground station, and the second to the sickest person of the night.

A 91 year old chap who has been unwell all day yesterday with a headache was sprawled across the bed when I entered his basement bedroom. He didn't give any reaction when I spoke to him, and only moved the right side of his body in response to pain.

Noting this, I pinched the back of his left leg, and there was no response. To be sure, I pinched the back of his right leg and he moved it away.

He was making a snoring sound, so I tried to put an oropharyngeal airway (a small curved tube) into his mouth to help him breathe, but as it goes down the back of the throat, it caused him to gag, so instead I put in a nasal airway, and gave him 100% oxygen.

The crew arrived, and we managed to get him onto the chair so the crew could carry him up the stairs. I followed behind weighed down with all my equipment as well as the crew's oxygen bag.

It's now 3.20am, and hopefully I'll be left alone now, but now I've said that I'll probably get another job soon...

Update: That was the last job, so it's nice to have been left alone for he last three hours of the shift. And to correct myself on the number of calls - it was just over 4,200, not just under.


Anonymous Michael T said...

Just the one proper job in twelve hours then. Funding Rapid Response Units is an appropriate and valid use of taxpayers' money. Discuss.

1:08 pm  

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