Monday, September 25, 2006

LAS News

Tom Reynolds, Mark Myers, Beaker and myself have all been mentioned in this months edition of the our internal magazine, "LAS News" which is published every one or two months, although not all of us by name or blog title.

There is a big article about Tom's book, "Blood, Sweat and Tea", and in the article, it mentions that there are other blogs by a couple of control staff (That'll be Neenaw and Not So Newbie at EOC) and a blog written by an Emergency Medical Technician in South West London. That'll be me then.

The encouraging part of it is that the magazine states that the LAS is very pleased with the way the blogs are written to ensure confidentiality of patients is maintained. However, it also says that the LAS is to release guidelines on what bloggers should and shouldn't write about. I'm hoping that they won't try to "censor" us, but we'll all have to wait and see what these guidelines contain...


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