Friday, October 27, 2006

A quick post

This is only going to be a very quick post as I am on holiday, and internet access here costs £1 per 15 mins, and I've used half of that time already checking e-mails and catching up on other blogs.

Next week, I move home, and my ISP says it will take 10 days to move my broadband service. Why I have no idea, but there we are. Hopefully they will provide me with at least a dial-up service while I'm waiting to get connected.

So I return to work on Monday for two shifts, then have the rest of the week off while I move. And at a time when I need to do overtime to get some extra cash, the LAS has £3 million taken off it cos it managed its finances so well last year and finished in the black last year. This now means that overtime is almost non-existant as the service cannot afford to pay us.

Looks like I might have to go back to doing some ad-hoc bus/coach driving to make the extra cash. Good job I've still got my bus licence....


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