Friday, October 06, 2006

Calling 999

You know, it's quite bizarre that when I'm planning a post, Mark from Neenaw goes and writes about the same thing. I suppose it saves me some work....

I went to an old chap having a CVA (stroke) a couple of days ago. He had an obvious right sided weakness, with the right side of his mouth drooping down and unable to use his right arm. He'd also lost the use of his speech.
He knew that there was something wrong with him, because he kept picking his right hand up with his left, and dropping it down onto the bed as if to say "Why won't this work?"
We took him to the ambulance, and after doing the necessary obs, we took him to hospital on blue lights.

His wife came with us, and she was understandably quite upset. I reassured her during the journey, and she asked me how it worked when she made the 999 call, as she felt guilty because she'd kept telling the call taker to "hurry up", so I explained the process to her. She asked me to pass on her apologies to the call-taker, which I did through the radio operator.

So I was going to write on here about making a 999 call, but Mark Myers has beaten me to it. I guess he's better qualified to do it than I.

P.S. I know how much you all like to know the outcome of my patients - he's going to be in hospital for at least a few days, but the doctor told me he should make a good recovery.


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