Sunday, November 05, 2006

Observer's Curse Strikes Again

Mark Myers came out with us on a late shift earlier this week. He's been out with me a couple of times on the FRU, but this was the first time with us on an ambulance (South of the river anyway).

Unfortunately, the dreaded Observers Curse struck again. A pathetic 2 calls in the whole shift. My new station is quieter than I'm used to, but even that was ridiculously quiet. Even us saying the dreaded phrase "It's a bit quiet tonight" didn't work.

I had a laugh when he panicked when one of our patients said he felt a bit sick. The cupboard door took a bit of a beating, and for both calls, he jumped up and down shouting "Is it a suspended? Is it a suspended?" I worry sometimes!

Still, we've made up for it this weekend. We've been out all day both days, with genuine patients to be fair. I'll write more about them once I've got the broadband connected at the new house - which is wonderful by the way.

Oh well, maybe you'll get a better shift next time Mark.....


Anonymous Mark Myers said...

Thing is, when I actually do get a suspended I'm going to be completely terrified and try to hide under the trolley bed. Yes, even more scared than I was of the impending vomit!

9:31 pm  
Blogger Jon Delaunt said...

Vomit is nothing to be scared of. Neither is a suspended. Just go with what you've been trained and it'll happen naturally. You never know, you might just save a life! Be grateful your observation shifts haven't been like my last two weeks - suctioning trachies every other day! Ugh!

10:39 am  

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