Sunday, March 11, 2007

I've Decided

I'm going with the suggestion that I just call myself Steve. It means I don't have to keep looking through the e-mail lists to see if anyone's got the same name as I'm thinking of using.

I'm writing this in my rest break at work. I've not written much lately, frankly because I feel so demoralised at the moment. I maintain this is the best job in the world, but I'm finding the rate of change in the working practices, rest breaks and the way calls are being dispatched simply overwhelming.

I never realised what a difference my £5 per day meals subs made until the new rest break system was brought we only get £10 if we don't get a break and don't get to leave early, or if your break is interrupted. As a result, I'm skint. I've had to cut right back on some spending (buying all the really cheap crap at the supermarket etc), and even then, it's becoming a struggle. I can't remember the last time we could afford to go out for a meal.

Tom points out that EMTs are paid between £7 and £10 per hour depending on whether your qualified or not. Thinking back, I used to get paid £6 per hour just for driving a bus in a rural county - not exactly stressful - apart from the school buses! And Mr Brown wants to cap our pay rises to less than inflation.

Happy days.....


Blogger Emily said...

Good to see you posting, was thinking you'd disappeaered!

Shame about feeling demoralised, though it seems to be a running theme - have some friends in/trying to get in to ambulance work and they're saying similar.

4:10 pm  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Im a girl from America (NY) and I think your blog is fantastic. You have a really nice way of describing your life that displays literary talent, and makes for a really good read. I enjoy reading about a life that is truly purposeful. I wish more blogs had substance like yours! :)
Dawn (not a psuedonym)

5:08 am  

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