Tuesday, April 03, 2007

Remind Me Why?

Every so often, everyone wonders why they do their job. Usually it's because something's gone wrong, and you're having a stressful day, or maybe its simply because you're in a bad mood.

Staff at the Great Western Ambulance Service, as with every other service, took part in the annual staff survey carried out by the Health Commission, and it was found that they are among the most unhappy ambulance crews in the country due to working conditions with 88% of their staff working extra hours to keep the service afloat, the verbal and physical abuse
they receive, and even the bullying they get from patients and their friends and relatives.

The survey was reported on in a local paper in Swindon. After reading the comments, it makes me stop to wonder why we choose to do a job where we have to go out and show compassion and care to these idiots.....


Blogger minifig said...

All of the commenters are idiots. You all do an amazing, difficult, stressful job that's far more important than anything those dumbass buffoons could imagine. You deserve to be paid properly and given appropriate time off and downright respect.

6:19 pm  
Blogger olivia said...

You do a vital job that few others could do, in often apalling conditions. I agree entirely with Minifig that you should be properly remunerated, and have adequate time off - not to mention the respect of your patients!

4:16 pm  
Blogger Em's way said...

I am a Swindon resident, and have on a number of occasions been a patient with GWAT. They have ALWAYS been fantastic, polite, helpful , calm, reassuring and professional. Never once have they failed to turn up, or to treat my family and I with anything less than top notch service. I think it is appaling the way they get treated and the amount they are paid is laughable.

Please do not think that all Swindon residents are as ignorant as those on the website , sadly for some reason the swindon advertiser loves to publish the ignorant comments yet, when anyone gives it back to the twats, we get banned from posting comments !!

One example of the brilliance of GWAT, my son stepped on a metal spike which went through his foot, he couldn't walk ( he had bust his ankle two weeks earlier !) and there was no way I could carry him ( he is almost 6ft tall, I am 5 ft and a fag paper !) . I rang casualty for advice as did not want to call an ambulance, but was told to do so. The ambulance crew turned out within minutes, they calmed my son down, administered pain relief ( he wanted to bring the gas and air home, he loved it so much !) , lifted him into a chair and wheeled him to the ambulance, they got us to GWH, where they handed us over to the staff there. The a&e staff soon had him sorted, and we were able to head home. Whilst waiting outside for the tax to take us home again the crew pulled out, having just delievered another patient, they stopped to check how my son was, smiled and wished him luck, teasing him as to his tendency to have accidents !!

How dare ANYONE slag off this amazing service, the people who do that job, are ace.

Thanks GWAT xx

2:02 pm  

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