Saturday, October 04, 2008

Good Week

I've had quite a good week this week.

I started working with my new crewmate and we were working as an EMT crew as my registration hadn't been processed yet, so I couldn't work as a Paramedic unless we went to a job where another Paramedic turned up, then I could have. We had a new student paramedic come out observing with us for a couple of days, and my HPC registration finally came through yesterday.

We took our new student up to EOC (Emergency Operations Centre) as I always try to do with new students so they get an opportunity to have a look at the desk that's dispatching us. The bonus for me when I do this is that I get to meet our dispatch team face to face and have a chat so that I can put a face to a voice and a name to the initials. Who should be there when I walked in? Beaker. So I've finally met her, and we had a good chat for a while. As for our student, it turns out he used to work there, so knew more about it than I did - infact it was he that trained Beaker on dispatch! Small world eh?

Mark from Neenaw was there too, call-taking again. He was having a better day than the previous time. He showed me the new Gazetteer, which can give the full address from the minimum information, such as "It's outside Tescos in Purley". I was quite impressed, although I gather not many call-takers are using it as it's still got some bugs.

Jobs this week included an old lady who'd fallen down an escalator and grazed her knee and elbow, and a man with a nasty gash on the back of his head who couldn't remember how it happened.

I've decided our student is a blood magnet. We went to a delivery man who'd had a cage fall on him and virtually amputated his index finger just below the nail. It was hanging on by a small piece of skin (this had originally been a Green call - lowest priority - and had been sent up to our clinical advice desk!!). It wasn't too badly mangled and there was a possibility that the finger could be saved, so we moved the finger back into its normal anatomical position, bandaged it up, and although we didn't put in a blue call (alert the hospital), we did push through the traffic on blue lights. The last we heard they were debating whether to re-attach or remove it. The job before that had been a man in his early 70s who had a nose bleed. It had been bleeding for 2 hours, and it was literally running out of him. He'd tried to get a taxi to take him to hospital, but they'd refused to take him. After going through three large dressings and counting, we bit the bullet and blued him in.

Our student's second day started with an RTC. We were going as a second vehicle to a motorcyclist who'd collided with a car and fallen off his bike. The first crew had been forced to abandon their ambulance in the traffic queue that had resulted, and walked some distance to where the patient was. As our ambulance station was in the other direction, we'd been sent to transport the patient.
A few run of the mill jobs after that, then after visiting EOC, we finished the day with a lovely lady who'd gone to help her mum who was being robbed. She'd been dragged along the floor by the robber for a few feet, and had a number of bruises and grazes. I gave her grazes a clean, and patched them up, and as she didn't want to go to hospital because she was trying to get through to the bank to cancel her cards and cheque book etc, I told her that she'd be a little sore for a few days, and advised her to go to the local Walk-In-Centre later on if she got worried.

And then yesterday afternoon, I got a text from my other half.
"Put your Paramedic slides on!" She'd checked the HPC website to see if my registration had come through, and told me my registration number. I think she'd got fed up of my moaning that I'd put my application in ages ago and still wasn't registered. I'd been frustrated cos we'd been doing jobs that I could easily have used my new "tricks" on (as Mark calls them).
So I finished off the shift as a Paramedic - but to save confusing the control desk I didn't tell them, as I didn't have a Paramedic drugs pack. Needless to say, now that I could use my new tricks, we didn't do one job where I could have justified so much as a cannula.

Oh well, there's always next week.


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