Saturday, August 07, 2010

moved services

Ahh, there you are. I know I went quiet again, but it's because I've been moving ambulance services - not actually picking them up and shuffling them around, but rather moving from one to a different one. In order to ensure I maintain patient confidentiality, I will not be revealing which ambulance service I now work for.

I've been there 2 weeks now, and to be honest, it's not much different to London - we're still out all day, but doing less jobs because we have much longer running times to get to calls and also to hospitals. Management is pretty much the same - I've had to sort out my own passwords and other important things by myself. The best bit is I no longer work nights or weekends for the forseeable future - and it's doing me the power of good.

I've already identified one hospital that I don't want to be taken to if I'm ill - ever! I've also already been offered bank work at one of the neighbouring services. Seems there's a shortage of Paramedics everywhere - perhaps they should pay us more...


Blogger Jenny said...

or just hire more people/make the application process more accessible!

(not that i'm saying you don't deserve to be paid more!)

How far out of london are you? What i mean is, do you think you will see a difference to the types of call you go too? Less city drunkeness/brawls? More countryside farming/combining accidents?

8:08 am  
Blogger Steve said...

suffice to say I'm in a much much more rural area, and the calls in the main are more genuine and not so much "rubbish".

GP's are still as useless though...

1:32 pm  

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