Sunday, November 20, 2005


It's going to be all change after Friday's shift, cos this is my last week working with my current crewmate. It's a shame, because we both get on very well, and we both know what the other is going to do, which makes the job a whole lot easier.

After Friday, I'm going to be working on the FRU for three months before taking up a line at another ambulance station.

I've got a list of jobs I haven't done yet, and I'm hoping to get some of them completed before I start working on my own. The main ones are a shooting, a fatal RTA and a "one under" (a person under a train).

I don't know why I'm worried about going to a one under on my own, because by the time the power to the rails has been turned off and we get clearance to go onto the track, the world and his bloody wife will be there - Paramedics, HEMS, duty officer etc.

I'm not really looking forward to going to one - I know how much space there is under trains (we have to do a training day at the London Underground depot at Acton including extricating someone from under a train) and there's only just enough room to crawl along on your belly, but I just want to do one to get it out of the way, and then everyone else is welcome to them!

However, I usually attract the calls that if truth be told don't really need an ambulance (known in the job as crap calls), and my crewmate attracts awkward and complicated jobs, so between us we attract awkward, complicated crap. It's actually quite rare for us to get a decent trauma job or a "working" cardiac arrest, where we do the CPR, intubate (put a tube down in their airway) etc. Normally the cardiac arrests we go to have been dead for some time meaning that sadly there is nothing we can do for them.

But we'll see what the week brings.


Anonymous Jennie said...

Are you looking forward to the change?

12:44 pm  
Anonymous Newbie said...

Best of luck of the fru mate! I finish my dispatch course tomorrow so maybe I'll speak to you one day if you ever have to phone EOC (formally known as CAC!)

10:22 pm  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

If you're a crap magnet now, it wont change!! Trust me!! Dont wish for trauma, it will come. Just think how things are at the moment.... FRUs waiting up to 40mins for crews and all that.....Oh and drive safely xx

12:52 pm  
Anonymous Stan said...

See how many FRUs you can crash in three months. The current record stands at six. Mind you, it took a lot of booze. Sadly, Alpha X is no longer with us.

3:56 pm  
Blogger Steve said...

Jennie, yes I'm looking forward to the change, but also sorry that I won't be working with my current crewmate anymore.

Newbie, I'm sure I will, congratulations on passing dispatch training

Anon - I don't wish for trauma, cos I know I won't get it. I just want to get the jobs out of the way that I have reservations about and I haven't done yet. Done the 40mins + waiting for an ambulance on the FRU.

Stan - I don't plan to crash the FRU at all. Unlike one complex last weekend which crashed three!

5:47 pm  

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