Sunday, November 27, 2005


Well my last week with my crewmate was relatively unexciting. I did think we were in for a good week when on Monday we only took three to hospital but each of those were a "blue call" (Pre-hospital alert). But I knew it was too good to last.....

We were soon back to 27 year old men with man-flu, and people with headaches, but hadn't taken any pain killers because they "didn't want to mask the symptoms"! Well hello!! That's the whole point of taking pain killers - they kill the pain. They do exactly what it says on the packet.

We're both going on the FRU - but believe it or not, out of the four week rota, there are only two days when we are both off at the same time, so we've already agreed we'll do overtime on an ambulance somewhere.

My first rota'd shift is on Tuesday night, but I'm doing overtime tomorrow night, so I guess you can say my secondment on the car starts tomorrow.

It's been a blast working with my crewmate - he knows I blog and the site, so I'd like to thank him publicly for a great year working with him. As I said before, we both get on very well and it makes the job a whole lot easier. We also socialise away from work, which is nice.

Apparently I've got to have another assessment driving the car. This is because people keep crashing them because they go very fast - we use Vauxhall Astras at the moment - and certainly the one I'm working on has been shown to be faster than the Police Astras. It seems this is catching some of our folks out.

I don't think it's a bad thing to have driving assessments every so often. It can only help to improve your driving. One of the complexes in the South West managed to crash three cars last weekend, so maybe it's a bit overdue.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Those Astras were, so the story goes, put together for the Met to trial. We said that they were v. nice but having looked at our regs you would have to have been an advanced police (area car) driver to use them. So we said no thanks. That's the rumour anyhow.

5:59 pm  
Anonymous Stan said...

The reason people keep crashing those cars is because they drive like adolescents.

7:22 pm  
Anonymous Jennie said...

Or, 'like they stole them'.

12:52 pm  

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