Friday, January 20, 2006

Drivers & TV

Why is it that drivers block you in while you’re on the way to a call then shrug their shoulders as if to say “What am I supposed to do?” when you give them a blast of the siren?

“Drive forward love, I can’t drive through you!”

On a totally different note, I got an e-mail from my sister today telling me that she’d seen me on Trauma Uncut on BBC3 on Wednesday evening with a “speaking part” as she described it.  My speaking part consisted of “Ready, Brace, Slide!” as we were getting a woman out of her smashed Mercedes and onto a spinal board.  Hardly major league TV exposure.

I remember the job – what they didn’t show was me drawing up a flush to put in a cannula to stop blood clotting in the tube and turning round to find the camera so close it was nearly poked up my nose, but then I can understand the need to censor a view up my snout.  A cannula is the “needle” that is put into a vein for IV access.  Really, the needle is only there to pierce the skin and the wall of the vein.  Once in the vein, the needle is withdrawn leaving a tube in the vein.

My dad missed it – he’s now making sure he sees every episode of Trauma Uncut until I’m shown again.


Anonymous Rudestlink said...

With the drivers you have to cut them some slack. Now various police farces are unable to resist prosecuting them for minor infractions when making way for the emergency services. If we could get the law straight so everybody can understand it and know exactly what they can and can't legally do to aid the passage of anything on blue lights.

Oh and have it so anyone getting in the way unnecessarily can be forced to learn how drive safely and sensibly, possibly by the use of electric shocking underwear.

1:14 am  
Anonymous SW Pete said...

I think if people knew what rubbish we were on our way to ninety-nine percent of the time, they wouldn't get out of the way at all.

12:32 pm  
Anonymous Mark Myers said...

On one of my very first driving lessons, I very nearly hit a police car that was driving on blue lights. My "mirror signal manoeuvre" was so slow that it appeared from nowhere between "mirror" and "manoeuvre". So nowaday, whenever I hear a "nee naw" in the distance, I do an emergency stop and adopt the brace position.

... this is why I haven't passed my test yet.

5:11 pm  
Blogger zhoen said...

One of the rare bits of law done right here in the New World (Order). Ambulances, police, fire vehicles, get right of way, and there are hefty penalties for failing to yield. Not that it always works, but it is drummed into new drivers.

12:30 pm  

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