Sunday, February 05, 2006

At home in Lincs

I'm back in my home county of Lincolnshire for the weekend. As well as doing the obligatory visits to relatives, I'm also helping out on a St John Ambulance duty - a swimarathon.

From 8am to 9pm people of all ages are coming to swim for 55 mins at a time up and down lengths of a pool. Then there's a five minute interval for changovers & photos, then the next set of teams swim for 55 mins at a time. It's rather dull stuff just sitting and watching people swim up and down, so you get thankful for the odd person hyperventilating or feeling dizzy after swimming on an empty stomach.

Today it's my turn to go, but I'm only staying until just after lunchtime. Thankfully the organisers supply food and coffee, so I'll see how much of their coffee I can drink.

Drive back home this afternoon ready for an overtime shift tomorrow.


Anonymous tjwood said...

Pretty much my first St. John duty was an 8 hour swimathon. It was deadly boring and I can't believe it didn't put me off forever.

We did discover that if you get a whole pad of PRFs wet they tend not to work properly even after they've dried out...

1:29 pm  

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