Saturday, August 18, 2007


I'm just about to leave home for a night shift on overtime. Since the attempted bombings in London and Glasgow, we've been having no problems getting overtime at the moment. I think that will change soon though as things start to ease off again.

Still, I must be mad going in for an overtime night shift on a Saturday.

Barry and I start TSing a University Student on Monday. We also have to mentor him for his placements during his paramedic course. We went on a one day course to do it, but since then a few things have changed, so we'll be winging it for a while until we find out just what is going on.

Monday, August 13, 2007


We've got some training crews running out of our station again at the moment. One of the crews last night were on a call, and when they returned to the ambulance, discovered that some chavvy git had stolen the screen for the Satellite Navigation. As a result, that's an ambulance now off the road until it can have a replacement screen fitted.

People still don't get it....the screen on its own is useless. The computer that makes it work is buried so deep in the guts of the ambulance, even the road staff don't know where it is.

I hope the person who stole the screen is the person who suffers because they have to wait longer for an ambulance because the one that would have come to them is off the road cos it's had it's Sat Nav screen nicked.