Sunday, June 22, 2008

A Quick Update

Just thought I'd write a quick post while I have a few minutes.

The course is going well, I've passed what many see as the hardest part of the course - module G. I have no idea how I passed the essay paper - the trainers marking it must have taken pity on me or something!

I've just finished 2 weeks on the road which was to consolidate the new patient assessment skills that we learned during the first 2 weeks of the course. I was back with Barry - and said I wanted to go to the training room at our main station to run through a couple of Advanced Life Support scenarios as we have those coming up on Thursday. He somehow managed to find me two real cardiac arrests, so he got me to run them and say what should be done, while he did it. Not quite the practice I was anticipating, but it was good to run both of the resuscitations with my new thinking paramedic head on.

Just a quick public thanks to Barry and our uni student who was out this last week on a set of observation shifts for putting up with me this week - I've been a bit of a stress-head! So sorry to both of you.

Back to the classroom this week - we have the drugs exam on Tuesday, and we have our patient assessment practical exams this week too.

I'll try to updat when I can, but the course will obviously come first, so August is still the target month for a full return of service.

Thanks for your best wishes so far.