Friday, October 12, 2007


Why is it always the good guys that get picked on?

To help out an EMT who was single, but who doesn't work on an FRU, Barry and I agreed to split, allowing the single to work with Barry whilst I spent the shift working on the car. We don't mind occasionally helping out like that, even when it is for another station that doesn't belong to "our group" of stations.

A few hours later, the phone rang in the car. It was Barry.
"You know Tom, the Emergency Nurse Practitioner from the local Minor Injuries Unit?"
I did. He's a lovely guy who recently came out on a rideout with us. He's the sort of guy who will do anything to help someone, I'd even go as far as to say he'd give the shirt off his back if he thought it would help.

"I've just seen him in A&E," Barry continued, "He's had a right pasting - so much so I didn't recognise him until he spoke to me. I asked him if he was alright*, he said 'No, not really Barry - I'm bloody scared!' and burst into tears."

Apparently he was sitting at home watching the TV and decided he fancied a beer, so he went to the pub, had two or three pints, and had been jumped on and beaten, with a few kicks to the head for good measure and his wallet stolen as he left, sustaining some nasty bruising and swelling to his face, and having both front teeth knocked out. He'd been left sitting at the front of the treatment area on his own, and had made a bit of a fuss (the staff on duty described it as "cocky" more than anything else), which is completely out of character for him, even when he's had a few beers.

Barry explained that Tom is a nurse - and a bloody good one at that - and had actually worked in the department before his current job. He also explained his normal character and suggested they considered his behaviour a result of a head injury. Then one of the security staff recognised him. "Bloody Hell!" he said, "no that's not like him at all."

He was sorted out quite quickly after that, and admitted overnight for observation. We'll be going to see him at work next week to see if he's back, and how he's getting on.

I hope the scroates that did this are pleased with themselves. Hopefully Tom will recognise them if they go to him for help, and that he keeps them waiting a very long time.

* bloody stupid question, but we all do it. Of course he's not alright otherwise he wouldn't be in hospital would he?!